DR in the cloud

A Look at Disaster Recovery and the Viability of a Cloud-Based Solution


We are in the digital economy and data is its currency. With the dramatic growth in data, comes the requirement to manage, store and back up this data so it can be restored in the event of a disaster. Disaster recovery in the cloud is rapidly gaining momentum... 

CDP vendor evaluation

Everything You Need To Know About Customer Data Platform (CDP)


As marketing organizations look to gain efficiencies while targeting customers, Customer Data Platforms (CDP) can be a key product within their toolkit. With the CDP industry growing at a rapid pace, the popularity of CDPs are increasing daily...

transforming marketing dept for digital age

Transforming The Marketing Department For The Digital Age


In the recent past, marketing has evolved as the most important strategic function for global organizations. In fact, marketing is now becoming an integral part of organization’s long-term strategy, unlike an isolated line function as seen before...

Using CDP - Hyper-Personalization

Hyper-Personalize Your Customer Experience Using Customer Data Platforms


Data takes the center stage of online marketing today. Marketers across the globe are building customer data platforms to achieve a 360-degree customer view...

CDP vendor evaluation

A Comprehensive Guide to Evaluating Customer Data Platforms


A detailed guide on how to assess & evaluate CDPs for your organization's needs...

mobility strategy

How to Create an Enterprise Mobile Strategy


Companies must now accept mobility as a fundamental aspect of their IT strategy, and implementing an enterprise mobility strategy is now the top priority for CIOs and CTOs seeking to embrace the new era...


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Identifying the right CDP for you, and then developing a strategy to effectively utilize and implement it, is the key to success. At Element Solutions, we work with our customers to develop a digital marketing strategy through to the selection and implementation of CDPs and Digital Experience Platforms.

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