What is Online Reputation Management?

With the explosive growth of social media, review sites, influencers and online content, it's more important—and more challenging—than ever to actively manage online conversations about your brand. Online reputation management (ORM) services will help you understand your brand's reputation based on online feedback and comments, identify opportunities for proactive engagement, minimize negative sentiment and create and amplify positive moments with your customers to lift your brand perception and loyalty.

Maximize online customer relationships and gain insights that drive loyalty with the right ORM ecosystem

An Online Reputation Management ecosystem provides the support you need for online conversations about your brand to be monitored, tracked, analyzed, and addressed. Effective ORM will help you process feedback from multiple sources, improve the customer experience, strengthen brand loyalty, and influence every consequential conversation about your business that happens online.

Our Online Reputation Management Services

Elements of an ORM Ecosystem

Online Listening

Using customized data mining tools, we extract relevant chatter around your brand across a wide range of online platforms and channels. This includes social media mentions, conversations, news, business listings, and other pages or posts about your organization. We then leverage this information as a powerful resource for you to enhance the customer experience and build your brand.

Online Listening

Social Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Social CRM brings critically important social media engagement into Customer Relationship Management. Social CRM allows you to monitor customers’ comments about your brand on social media, resolve their complaints effectively, and amplify their compliments. We streamline all your social media conversations to create an outstanding customer experience for your brand across every social network.

Social CRM

Market Intelligence

Element monitors your brand's online health in real-time, streamlining the customer engagement process, and tracking discussions around you and your competitors. We provide you with an easy-to-understand dashboard showing how people see your brand, combined with emerging market trends and customer behavior. These insights enable you to make informed business decisions and be the quickest innovator to capitalize on evolving market demands.

Market Intelligence

How ORM Creates Value for Your Brand

How online relationship management creates value for your brand

How The ORM Ecosystem Works Together

How the ORM Ecosystem works together

Our Approach: Custom ORM Solutions for Your Brand’s Needs

How Element customizes ORM solutions for your brand

Element's ORM experts approach each engagement as problem solvers, helping you with every aspect of your ORM journey, from software selection and implementation to understanding your audiences and developing unique engagement strategies. We can provide the best practices playbook for launching a large-scale and efficient operation that delivers high quality responses. Perfected through more than 10 years of experience—over 500,000 man hours every year—providing social customer care for some of the world’s most admired brands.

Dedicated ORM Agents for Your Contact Center

As more customers prefer to engage online vs. over the phone, online support agents have become critical to maintaining and improving customer satisfaction for major enterprises. We can provide fully outsourced teams of agents to help with online engagement, customer queries and technical support functions. We can also integrate ORM tools with your existing CRM systems for a 360-degree view of your customer interactions. Your dedicated team of professionals is available for the business days and hours of your choosing, or for full 24/7 support, including scaling options for high-activity events. Onshore/nearshore/offshore staffing options allow for flexible availability and multi-language support.

How to Measure Success for an ORM Program

Net Promoter Score

Your NPS is calculated by subtracting the percentage of Detractors from the percentage of Promoters, so the final value can range anywhere from -100 to 100.

Share of Voice

This measures what percentage of the conversations happening across all the statistically significant social media channels your brand owns versus your competitors.

Response Time

This is defined as the total amount of time between when the customer first sends a query to the brand and when the community manager  responds  to the query, which includes waiting time.

Resolution Time

This is the time taken by a community manager from the time of opening a customer query case until the closing of that case. It is a prime metric for assessing the efficiency of the team.

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How the ORM Ecosystem Creates Value for Your Brand

Nurture your brand’s reputation online.

Element brings in the right processes, expertise, and resources you need to monitor and nurture your brand online. We help you take  control of your brand's perception, drive revenue through social engagement and consistently communicate the right story for your target audience.

Reach out to our Online Reputation Management experts and start a comprehensive ORM strategy for your business.

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