Are your cloud implementations fully optimized?

Future-forward organizations are exploring new ways to harness the power of the cloud to navigate modern-day business challenges and improve operational efficiencies. Cloud computing is a catalyst for helping organizations adopt new digital technologies at a faster pace with a lower cost of ownership. Cloud optimization gives your enterprise applications far greater scalability and agility in a rapidly changing business environment. Our strong partner ecosystem provides our clients with end‑to‑end cloud infrastructure and optimization services.


It’s becoming increasing complex to ensure cloud implementations are performing properly and meeting the highest security standards. Element Solutions’ expertise can help you mitigate your risks, adopt best practices, and ensure your cloud solutions are running optimally.

Element Solutions leverages its partnerships with leading cloud services companies like Amazon and Oracle to handle large-scale cloud transformation programs for even the biggest global customers. Our proven capabilities in data migrations, IT infrastructure modernization, and application development gives our clients the full power and potential of cloud technologies.


Your competitors are optimizing their cloud implementations. Will you wait, or will you take the lead?

Come work with us. Together, let’s build a future-ready, digital enterprise on the cloud.

Security and Governance

Element Solutions helps you define a comprehensive governance strategy to ensure 100% control over your cloud data. Our cloud security services include:

  • Standard Network Security implementation similar to firewall rules for blocking internet access to hosted servers
  • Standard periodic security scanning and auditing for rootkits and threats on all servers
  • Standard client-based VPN access per geographical region for secure remote employee access to cloud resources
  • Standard 24×7 website, server and cloud resource monitoring from eight global locations with emergency response/resolution

Better Performance

It’s not just about lifting an application and shifting it to the cloud. The success of the cloud can only be rationalized with better performance of your native-cloud applications, achieving better customer experience and driving clear business benefits.

We help you realize the best from your cloud investments by bringing in latest approaches and techniques for application optimization. Achieving business agility by continuous scaling and monitoring your enterprise application stats vital to cloud success.

Lower Cost

Lower cost is the major reason why organizations move to cloud. Element Solutions has all the import tools, industry best practices, and proven methodologies to effectively optimize costs across your cloud adoption journey.

Our approach to cloud optimization focuses on:

  • Information Migration

    Ensure all business and application data migrated to cloud and it is structured to fit in the cloud environment.

  • Application Stabilization

    Creating an ecosystem where legacy applications and cloud technologies co-exist and their synergies drive business value.

  • Security Standards

    Reinforce robust security standards to ensure all the cloud-managed data is risk-proof.

Reach out to our cloud optimization experts to get a free blueprint for your cloud initiative.