Cloud Transforms Your Business and Isn’t All or None

We understand that not all workloads are ready for the cloud. Organizations need flexibility to run the right workload in the right place and at the right time. Element Solutions leverages a platform and vendor agnostic approach and we work with our clients to understand the requirements for each workload. From there we work collaboratively to determine and define the best strategy for success on the cloud.

cloud Infrastructure as a Service image

Cloud Supports Integration

Cloud allows you to choose where your run each workload. On premises, cloud, and multi cloud workloads can work in unison to deliver a seamless user experience.

Cloud Offers Speed to Market

Increase productivity by offloading IT complexity to the cloud and free your resources to focus on other business needs.

Cloud Turns CapEx to OpEx and Reduces TCO

Transform your costs from CapEx to OpEx for predictable spends and a TCO savings on average of  40% or more-typically higher in sectors with seasonal or cyclical changes

capacity expansionCloud Provides Scalability

Scale up and down as needed to meet seasonal/cyclical spikes with a pay-go model to eliminate underutilized capacity. Pay for only what you need, when you need it.


The time for cloud is now

cloud statistics: 73% of companies have a goal to move to a fully SW defined data center by 2020; Cloud spend will grow at 6X the rate of IT spend; Gartner says as of 2017 86% Orgs are using IaaS, and of those hesitating, 49% are doing so due to skills gap in data security.

Power your IT-Infrastructure on the cloud

The advent of numerous hybrid cloud models resulted in a more complex cloud environment landscape that is even more challenging for businesses to manage. It is imperative that organizations choose the right cloud environments to drive operational efficiencies and create a flexible and scalable IT infrastructure. Most importantly, choosing the right cloud infrastructure will help the efficient utilization of other digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, mobility, big data, and the internet of things (IoT).

Our comprehensive portfolio of cloud infrastructure services helps you plan, build, and efficiently manage cloud infrastructure even in the most volatile environments. In an increasingly hybrid cloud culture, we help you cut the noise and optimize homegrown legacy applications by adding the power of the cloud to your business. Element’s IaaS cloud offerings lets you react quickly to market changes, effectively manage your enterprise application workloads, and make regular updates to your cloud applications to help future-proofing your cloud platform to achieve consistent ROI.

Partner with Element for:

  • Cloud Vendor Selection Assistance
  • Infrastructure Planning/Architecting
  • Set Up/Provisioning
  • 24X 7 Monitoring Service of Cloud instances.
    • Monitoring, Alerts, Reporting
    • Training and Access to Monitoring Tool
    • L1 Support
    • Root Cause Analysis/Reporting

Learn how Element Solutions’ comprehensive cloud capabilities can help you accelerate business performance?