What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is not about just launching a new web site or getting more followers on Twitter. It is the process in which companies successfully navigate the pace of change driven by the rapid adoption of new technologies.

Your business must transform into digitally mature enterprise, or you risk becoming irrelevant. There are endless examples: Borders Bookstore succumbed to Amazon, Blockbuster fell to Netflix, Motorola lost to Samsung and Apple. Whether you are in retail, finance, healthcare, or manufacturing, Element Solutions can help your enterprise transform and thrive in any rapidly changing industry.


Digital Maturity Model

What is the digital maturity level of my organization?

Element Solutions’ Digital Maturity Assessment (DMA) allows you to plot your organizational maturity, offers comparative benchmarks, and helps guide your actions to elevate your digital capabilities.

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Incumbent's guide to digital disruption

How do I avoid being victimized by a digital disruption?

How can you avoid being a victim of disruption? Recognize crucial thresholds in your life cycle and take action before it is too late.

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Digital Transformation

How do I begin the digital transformation journey?

What is the vision, strategy, evolution, and industry-specific information you need to engage in a successful digital business transformation?

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