Everything You Need To Know About Customer Data Platform (CDP)

As marketing organizations look to gain efficiencies while targeting customers, Customer Data Platforms (CDP) can be a key product within their toolkit. With the CDP industry growing at a rapid pace, the popularity of CDPs are increasing daily. This whitepaper tries to explain various aspects of Customer Data Platform and is a must-read guide for every marketer.

In This eBook

  • Introduction to Customer Data Platforms (CDP)
    • What is a CDP?
    • How does a CDP work?
    • CDP v/s DMP v/s CRM
    • How is the CDP market evolving?
    • Who are the key CDP vendors?
  • Relevance to My Business
    • Is CDP important to my business?
    • What are the benefits of a CDP?
    • Which companies are using CDPs?
    • CDPs v/s Inhouse Big Data solutions
  • How to Get Started
    • How long does it take to implement a CDP?
    • How much does it cost?
    • What’s the RoI on a CDP?
    • How do I prepare my organization?
    • How do I evaluate CDP vendors?
    • Who are the experts in the CDP space?

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