Northwestern Medicine

About Northwestern Medicine

After establishing their master brand, Northwestern Memorial Healthcare required a one-stop solution for expressing their identity under one brand for their clinical, research and academic pursuits. The team built a protected, digital solution that helps manage and promote brand assets while educating employees on effectively expressing the brand. Developed as a microsite to enable the creation, storage, downloading, and printing of digital brand assets; the solution allows the team to promote the appropriate use of the brand while providing internal and external users with guidelines, resources and context for why brand matters.

Discovery, Re-platform, Upgrade and Integration


  • One-stop shopping for all brand collateral Solution needed to fit for their various affiliates and partners as well
  • Help client to define clear direction & strategy
  • Develop a quick and reliable solution within a condensed timeline
  • Create a microsite that promotes quality brand activism
  • Reduce the internal manual process demands on the marketing communications team

Solutions & Services Provided

  • New user experience and information architecture delivers updated content, making the information easily accessible and provides context, increasing user adoption
  • WebCenter Sites 11g provides an easy-to-use system to make changes and an integrated experience for delivering context, increasing editorial adoption
  • A unified access point provides business process orchestration and explanatory assets with less text and more images, increasing self service
  • IDMP/LDAP security allow for scalable solutions for authentication / authorization and hybrid authentication mechanism for the vendors, employees, affiliates, and partners

Visualization of Project Outcomes

NM Brand Center screenshot