Making data-driven decisions using Customer Data Platform (CDP)

July 26, 2018
Leading Healthcare organization implemented Customer Data Platform

About Our Client

Our client is a leading healthcare provider, well known for its cancer treatment and research in the United States. The organization works with multiple partners and marketing agencies to deliver variety of brand communication, fundraising and digital marketing campaigns.



  • Marketing leadership was not able to track the overall patient journey across various online & offline channels.
  • Marketing campaigns were not personalized due to lack of available data about the visitor of the website.
  • Multiple systems across the organization not interacting with one another and had data in silos.
  • Lack of centralized database to store and analyze customer data/marketing data generated from different marketing campaigns and customer touchpoints.

Solutions/Services Provided

  • After a detailed analysis of the situation, Element Solutions suggested implementation of a robust Customer Data Platform that could combine the data from various systems. Additionally, it could be used to create a 360-degree view of the web visitors, so that the marketing team could segment the audience better and personalize the web experience for these users.
  • Element Solutions was instrumental in evaluating the right CDP vendor for the client and creating an overall CDP vision, roadmap and an implementation approach.


  • Improved data collection and analytical capabilities helped the healthcare provider use data to take day-to-day decisions.
  • The targeted segment data was shared with various 3rd party agencies as needed to ensure the overall marketing & advertising was coordinated, thereby increasing marketing effectiveness.
  • Additionally, the marketing team is using the data to create web personalization strategies in order to make the user journey more efficient.
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