What is Cloud Computing and What are its Benefits?


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Can a Cloud Solution Really be Secure and Compliant?

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Why Disaster Recovery in the Cloud Makes Sense

With growing data, Disaster Recovery planning is important for your businesses to deal with challenges on how to manage, store and back up this information. Leveraging a cloud-based solution offers scalability to grow dynamically as the business...


How Customer Data Platforms Can Increase Advertising ROI

For advertising to work, it needs to be accurately targeted. Good ads speak to customers about their personal needs and interests, which is why they generate sales. But accurate targeting is notoriously difficult and it’s common to waste half a...


Why Leverage Cloud and How to Get Rolling

With organizations challenged to keep up with the demands of their ever changing business and modern customers, more IT departments are turning to the Cloud for solutions.


Improve Email Marketing ROI using Customer Data Platforms (CDPs)

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How Hyper-Personalization Helps Build Loyal Customer Relationships

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What is Hyper-Personalization?

Customers are savvy and better informed than ever before, and they no longer want cookie-cutter products or services. They expect brands to convey just the right message every time without crossing the lines of their online privacy. When a...