Why Leverage Cloud and How to Get Rolling

With organizations challenged to keep up with the demands of their ever changing business and modern customers, more IT departments are turning to the Cloud for solutions.


Improve Email Marketing ROI using Customer Data Platforms (CDPs)

What’s common among Google, Netflix, and Amazon? They understand their customer’s likes and dislikes extremely well. Every communication from them is centered around the customer and not around their business. Recently watched a documentary on...


How Hyper-Personalization Helps Build Loyal Customer Relationships

Businesses and brands have always strived to segment and target their customers to be able to adapt their communication to the exact client needs. With the advent of the digital era, the customer segmentation is now undergoing an enormous...


What is Hyper-Personalization?

Customers are savvy and better informed than ever before, and they no longer want cookie-cutter products or services. They expect brands to convey just the right message every time without crossing the lines of their online privacy. When a...


Why Do You Need A Customer Data Platform (CDP)?

All companies, big and small, usually have one objective; offer the right product to its target potential customer at the right time. Most businesses have access to volumes of data but have no idea how to collect it, what to do with it, or how to...


Seven Signs You Should Build a Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Companies and marketers often face challenges while understanding their customers, giving rise to ineffective marketing experiences. Many of them end up marketing products to customers who already have those products or have no interest in them....

Businessman hand working with a Cloud Computing diagram on the new computer interface as concept

Five Ways Businesses Can Benefit From Cloud

Gone are the days when companies look at the cloud as just another alternative to store enterprise data: companies now are trusting the cloud more than ever before. Many organizations are innovating via cloud to drive sustainable business...

Five Ways to Ensure Cloud

Five Ways to Ensure Cloud Security for Your Business

Today, organizations are shifting focus towards building cloud-based hardware, software and services to realign the way they carry out business operations. A recent IDC FutureScape report on the future of the cloud market forecasts that 65...