Real-Time Marketing Powered by Customer Data Platforms

Real-Time, Smart Marketing Powered by Customer Data Platforms by Venkatesh Korla | October 17, 2017 Today’s consumer is undergoing a significant change in purchasing decision and media consumption behavior. The consumer engages with the brand in multiple channels at different times in a very fragmented journey to get to the purchase decision. These changes in…



Improve the Customer Experience with Chatbots

Improve the Customer Experience with Chatbots by John Yoho and Virgil Wong | September 13, 2017 In 2017, companies like Mastercard, Hyatt, Sephora, H&M, Casper, and Disney started using chatbots to build better relationships with their existing and prospective customers. So, what exactly are chatbots and can they really help businesses build their customer base,…



Four building blocks for achieving Digital Transformation

Four building blocks for achieving Digital Transformation by Kishan Ankani | July 21, 2017 Today, every business wants to embrace digital. Unfortunately, many companies do not understand where to start and how to drive measurable value and success. This blog will outline four key value pillars, that will help organizations fuel their digital transformation journey…



Element Solutions Uses Oracle PaaS to Rapidly Launch MarketingHub

Originally posted by Oracle Customer Success Oracle Cloud Platform enabled us to rapidly build and launch an innovative marketing cloud solution that gives our customers a more powerful and effective way to manage digital assets, campaigns, and analytics – all from a single location. — John Yoho, Vice President, Element Solutions Element Solutions Launches Next-Generation…



A 3-D Selfie to Get You Healthy

How an interactive self-portrait can transform health behavior through time travel, points of self care, and the power of pairs Written by VIRGIL WONG with contributions by VIVIAN YEH, PhD Originally published on April 5, 2015 for the American Heart Association’s Hi2 Forum. Updated on July 21, 2017. Six months ago, my cardiologist friend Dr….


Lantern Assisted Living

Be the Change

BE THE CHANGE Inspire Your Marketing, Transform Your Organization, and Change the World by Virgil Wong | June 15, 2017 Innovation is not only the creation of new technologies; it is the creative use of any medium to inspire change. The following examples leverage both new and old tools to grab people’s attention, tackle big…